The PATH OF VISIONARIES – SIGNS FOR EUROPE is located in the pedestrian zone at the southern beginning of Berlin's Friedrichstraße, near Mehringplatz. Mehringplatz, formerly Belle-Alliance-Platz, together with Hallesches Tor formed the southern city gate in Friederizian Berlin.

As Belle Alliance Square, it got its name in the wake of the "wars of freedom" (Freiheitskriege) and underlined in a special way the striving of the European nations for sovereignty. To this day, the 19m high fountain sculpture of the Angel of Peace towers over the square (Cantian).

The angel as goddess of peace Irene and goddess of victory Victoria stands for the old European idea that peace and war are interdependent. The PATH OF VISIONARIES interprets peace in a contemporary way as acting in dialogue, in recognition and respect and builds a bridge to modern times. The angel as a peacemaker became the symbol for the urban art project.

Friedrichstraße forms the historic north-south connection of two former city gates. The Oranienburger Tor and the Hallesches Tor. Since the fall of the Berlin Wall, it has regained its original significance as a multifaceted attraction in the center of Berlin.

The PATH OF VISIONARIES underlines the outstanding urban importance as a place of international encounter. It invites you to be inspired by visionary thoughts and to experience the diversity of cultures.

Public transport:


 1, 3, 6 Hallesches Tor


 M41, 248 Busbahnhof Hallesches Tor


 M41, 248 Willy-Brandt-Haus


 248 IG Metall